I am inspired by landscape as a vehicle for self expression and as well as a subject for figurative study; I explore ways of representing it through different forms of abstraction and representation. The subject of my paintings are often where the land and water meet reflecting my love of water and the life that lives in and around it. I am a water baby, kayaking on my local rivers in the warmer months. I look for inspiration for my paintings along the river Cam and the Great Ouse. I love living under the big skies of the Fens and washes, being surrounded by water and the wildlife on it. Living on my narrowboat Peewit I am in the privileged position to witness the fens in all its glory and drama with its infinite skies.

My Paintings

My main body of work is semi-abstract, my longest series is called In Praise of Lights which is an important and significant body of work. I think of my abstract expressive landscape paintings as found landscapes and as visual journerys. They evolve on the canvas and the focus of the painting gradually comes into view. The space, skies, and water surrounding me are a great inspiration for this work. I also paint figuratively. My approach to figurative work is focused on giving an impression of the landscape. I explore and challenge my knowledge of what I think with what I see. Features are marked out using broad brushes strokes and energy and drawn together using softening harmonising sweeps.


My approach to teaching is to demonstrate and supply a structure but allow a student room to use the landscape principly as a vehicle for inspiration.


I was born in Cornwall and still have links there and visit when I can to take in the glorious colours of that fabulous seascape. I was brought up in Devon were most of my family is based. I studied in London graduating from Chelsea School of art in 1991 with a BA (Hons) in Sculpture. I have worked in the art and design industries most of my working life. I have worked as a graphic designer, webdesigner, greeting card designer and an illustrator. I have been painting landscapes and seascapes since 2007 and exhibiting since 2008.

I have exhibited nationally and have an annual show at the Tresco Gallery in the Scilly Isles. For more information on exhibitions please vist my Exhibitions page.